Helmholtz coil is driven by a waveform amplifier to create high frequency magnetic field.

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High frequency Helmholtz field is produced by high current waveform amplifier.
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High frequency Helmholtz field is produced by high current waveform amplifier. Helmholtz coil is designed to be driven by a waveform amplifier to create high frequency magnetic field.

Helmholtz Coil Design Resources

Helmholtz Coil Design Calculations

Use the below equation to calculate the Helmholtz field. This equation is for an ideal Helmholtz coil with no wire thickness.

                                                                             Eq. 1

B is the magnetic field in unit of Tesla      

n is the number of turns  

I  is the current in amperes   

R is the coil radius in meters

Helmholtz coil design using two high-frequency coils produce uniform electromagnetic field for lab experiments.

This page is dedicated to provide excellent Helmholtz coil design resources for anyone who wants to design their own coil. We have links to a number of articles for generating high magnetic field even at high frequency. We included resources such as electromagnetic field and inductance calculators. In case you want to buy an off-the-shelf or custom-made coils, we have a link to our Helmholtz coil sale and manufacture list.

Helmholtz Coil Design Articles

Helmholtz Coil Calculators

Solenoid Magnetic Field Calculator

Coil Inductance Calculator

Further Reading:

Helmholtz magnetic field further reading.

Driving Helmholtz Coils

Helmholtz field can be produce by using a function generator amplifier like as the TS200 and the TS250. These amplifiers drive high current through coils which generate strong electromagnetic field. You can read the Helmholtz Coil article to learn how to use resonant techniques to produce high-frequency strong electromagnetic field.

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TS250 vs. TS200

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High-Frequency Helmholtz Coil Techniques

This article details several techniques for generating high magnetic field. The first method is directly driving the coil using a current amplifier. The second method is using a series capacitor to resonate with the coil to produce high magnetic field even at high frequency.

Produce High Magnetic Field Using Series Resonant.

This article discusses how to use the series resonant to generate high magnetic field while achieving high frequency. The discussion is for electromagnet in general, but equally applied to Helmholtz field.

Generate High Magnetic Field Using the Current-Doubling Resonant Circuit.

A novel technique that uses a special resonant circuit to amplify the current by a factor of two.  It is therefore magnify the magnetic field by two. Detail mathematical models are present in this article.

Magnetic Field Converstion Calculator

Are you looking to buy a set of coils? We can optimize and customize a set of Helmholtz coils to match your requirements. Producing AC magnetic field (both low and high frequency) presents a challenge. We can customize the coils to meet the size, field strength, and frequency requirements. Furthermore we have high-current drivers (TS250 and TS200 see below) that are perfect for producing AC magnetic fields. Below are our coil specifications and capability. Click on the link below to tell us your requirements.

Buying Coils

Coil Specs:

Circular Helmholtz coils up to 24 inches (610mm) in diameter.

Square coils up to 5 feet (1.5 meter).

Copper wire 30 gauge to 8 gauge.

Up to MHz frequency range.

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