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TS200 high voltage amplifier is for amplifying function generators and driving heavy load. TS250 high voltage amplifier is for amplifying waveform generators and driving high current loads.

High Voltage Amplifier

High voltage amplifier is an instrument that amplifies voltage signal. Its output voltage range is often greater than 10V and up to 100V or more. Often time input signal sources are less than 5V, but the load or device under test (DUT) needs higher voltage. Therefore a high voltage amp is needed. For example, in a voltage transient testing, the voltage waveform is often between 12V and more than 60V, but a waveform generator output is 5V maximum into 50 ohm. A voltage amp is needed to amplify the waveform generator’s voltage to produce the 60V needed to test the device under test.

As shown in Figure 2, using the setup in Figure 1, the function generator voltage is amplified to produce a 80Vpp (+/-40V) 35kHz sinewave into a load resistance of 15 ohm. The peak current is 2.7A. Figure 3 also shows the TS200-3B outputs a 70V squarewave driving a 220pF capacitance load. Applications for benchtop high voltage amp are general purpose lab amplifier, piezoelectric driver amplifier, MEMS (micro-electromechanical system), pulse thermal transient response, power supply ripple tests, voltage transient test, relay testing, Helmholtz coil driver, and much more. In conclusion the TS250 and the TS200 amplifiers are prefect companion equipment for function generators and waveform generators.

Figure 1. Waveform generator voltage is amplified to produce high voltage for the DUT.

High Voltage Amplifier Test Examples

Amplifier Connection

Figure 2. TS250-3 Outputs 80Vpp 35kHz sinewave with 15 ohm load or +/-2.7A current into the DUT.

The TS200 high-voltage amplifier can provide up to 70V square wave. Voltage amplifier boosts function generator signal to 80Vpp.

Figure 3. TS200-3B Outputs 70Vpp squarewave with 220pF load.

High voltage amplifier is connected to a waveform generator to produce high voltage for the DUT.

Waveform Generator

Table 1. High Voltage Amp Selection Guide

Use this table to select a voltage amplifier for high-voltage and high-current test and measurement applications.

Selecting An Amplifier

The TS200 and TS250 are high voltage and high current amplifier bench test equipment. Unlike other amplifiers in the market, the TS200 and TS250 are also capable of output very high current. Table shows the amplifier output voltage and current range. The maximum current is specified at 90% of the maximum voltage and resistive load. For reactive load such as capacitive and inductive components (i.e. coil and piezo), the maximum peak current is de-rated. The TS200 and TS250 make a great high voltage function generator.

The TS250-0 can output up to 6A peak. If your test and measurement application requires higher current, two or more amplifiers can be connected in parallel as shown in Figure 4. The output current is increase in proportion to the number of amplifiers connected in parallel. Series resistors are required to isolate each high voltage amps from each other. Typical series resistance value is 0.3Ω to 1.0Ω. Higher voltage should use higher resistance. Use power resistor to handle the rated power dissipation. Contact factor for details on parallel connecting two instruments.

Function Generator Amplifiers

High Current Amplifier

Piezo Motor Driver

Quick Start Guide - Function Generator Amplfier

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More Output Current

The TS200 and TS250 output current range is 1.4A to 6A, depends on the model number and voltage range. Use the Selection guide below for current output capability. For some measurement and testing applications even higher current is needed. It is possible to connect 2 or more TS200/TS250 voltage amplifiers in parallel. The Parallel connection is shown in Figure 4. The TS250 current output is proportional to the number of  units connected. For example the output current can be double or triple. Using a small series resistor to isolated voltage amp from each other. Typically series resistance of 0.3Ω to 1.0Ω is used. Higher resistance may be used for higher output voltage amplifiers. The isolation resistors must be rated for the power dissipation.

Two TS200/TS250 high voltage amps connected in parallel doubles the outptu current.

Figure 4. Parallel two TS250 amps doubles the output current.

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