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Instruments For Testing Your Innovations

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TS250-0:  -10V to +10V

TS250-1:  -20V to +20V

TS250-2:  -30V to +30V

TS250-3:  -40V to +40V

TS250-4:  -6V to +15V

TS250-5:  -6V to +30V

TS250-6:  -6V to +45V

TS250-7:  -6V to +65V

TS200-0x:  -10V to +10V

TS200-1x:  -20V to +20V

TS200-2x:  -20V to +45V

TS200-3x:  -10V to +70V

TS200-4x:  0V to +15V

TS200-5x:  -40V to +40V

Voltage Range